Macramé wedding dresses, the delicate textures of a dream

 Macramé wedding dresses, the delicate textures of a dream

Macramé is a type of lace that has always given great elegance and peculiarity to fabrics. The relief of the macramé compositions makes each dress very important visually in an impactful allure, to the point that throughout the history of fashion, macramé wedding dresses have been an identifying must and not only in the bridal sector; lace soon became a trend topic in women’s fashion in general. The well-known lace textures, in all their variations, have had a very interesting story, born in France and never faded. All types of lace give sensuality, beauty and class to clothes, in all aspects, from very delicate chantilly to thicker lace such as rebrodè and macramé. This year, the beautiful macramè, synonymous with high class, has once again very popular to the point that bridal fashion designers brought it back to the world catwalks, exalting its beauty and above all reinterpreting it in a modern way. Precisely in this, Luisa Sposa stood out even more for the new collection, designing models of macramé dresses that immediately aroused the enthusiasm of young brides. A new philosophy behind this revival: Luisa Sposa manages to express the eternity of this particular intertwining of yarns that gives life to amazing floral compositions on the skin, embellishing it with very sensual shades. The fashion house’s tailoring lines are able to make this combination of style very well, especially with mermaid models, with the aim of emphasizing macramé.

Below is a model that creates visual continuity with a macramé waterfall, is one of the spearheads of this collection. Luisa Sposa’s macramé mermaid dress is truly enchanting and refined. The chandelier sleeves and the cape are also in macramé, the deep neckline is sensually underlined by the necklace of the same lace. The effect is a very scenic and sweet visual impact.

The emphasis on macramé, suitable for all styles

Macramè lace is also a very versatile type of lace that actually adapts well to different styles. Precisely because of the fairly rigid effect it gives to dress models, it is a structuring and shaping lace, suitable for different solutions. In combination with silk, it expresses its maximum beauty, it manages to make the fabric sophisticated even in contrast: it is perfect both in combination with light and slippery silk, and composed with mikado. In general, macramè is precisely the added value of the most elegant models, it is the optimal element to give wedding dresses a lot of importance. The centrality that Luisa Sposa has dedicated, in the new collection, also to the lace compositions of the dresses, with slipped cuts and principess style, is quite significant. The timeless effect sometimes evokes the wonderful atmospheres of the past, other times it has an innovative charge that the maison expresses while remaining faithful to its initial mission, for a straight and classy woman, but also of character. After all, macramè has always had the virtue of evoking grace and femininity, but also a sensual charge.

It is precisely with the awareness of this dual message that manages to convey the vision of macramé, that Luisa Sposa has designed a dress that could evoke all these emotions and all at once. A regal and deep neckline for the flared dress with bell sleeves and floral appliques. An ethereal allure with many shades of sensuality.

Same evocative result for the dress with macramé bodice and boat neckline. The mermaid skirt with lace train gives a feminine and very delicate effect. Luisa Sposa sublimates at its best the traditional cuts that have made bridal fashion history with its exclusive sartorial signature.

The originality and beauty of Luisa Sposa are certainly evident from its vision. The dress with a macramé bodice features delicate straps and a V-neckline, leaving the back entirely bare. The wide tulle skirt emphasizes the minimal bodice even more, creating a style that mixes different elements, including retro aspects, while simultaneously achieving an unparalleled level of sensuality.

The glamorous effect macramé

In Luisa Sposa‘s visions, lace, by virtue of its long history, has a different importance from that already widespread in bridal fashion and not only because of its grace and delicacy, but also because it is the fashion house’s exclusive medium for that sort of “stylistic revolution” that it has implemented and that continues to make use of the traditional beauty of lace, but always in an innovative way. Macramè specifically lends itself very well to the composition of clothing elements in a modern style, often trendy, especially because it can be combined with refined and fashionable fabrics. An example above all is the use of macramè on invisible elastic fabrics in nude tones, created ad hoc for tatoo effects. The effect is a real composition on the skin, like a real work of art. Macramè lace is ideal for all the most amazing effects thanks to its yarn, its ability to embellish fabrics, thanks to the immediate perception of great class that it is capable of arousing.

The macramé tatoo-effect bodice paired with the bright mikado skirt is a pure spectacle. The illusion style is also well expressed by the lace for the elegant necklace effect it can create. An ethereal, exciting vision.

Macramé is the lace that Luisa Sposa also reserves for very glamorous models. The all-macramé tracksuit with trousers and a wide neckline, always an illusion, is definitely made for a woman who loves to be in the spotlight, with grit and character.

The thousand shades of macramè, Luisa Sposa’s tailoring research

A versatile lace, always a perfect choice for any style, macramè is a yarn that manages to amaze and that the fashion house Luisa Sposa has always identified as the great protagonist of its creations. Luisa Lotti, in her projects, precisely for these reasons, has always carried out careful research in the field of tailoring to express the full potential of this special embroidery. Macramè wedding dresses are just one example of tailored creation studied over years of different paths and also in contact with many traditions and with multiple experiences that have enriched the expertise of the maison. His philosophy has always been to give specificity to the beauty of different fabrics, inaugurating new styles, starting from them to give them a privileged guide to new fashions and new trends. Luisa Lotti‘s concept focuses on craftsmanship and care for precious materials, all the techniques that derive from it originate from a deep knowledge of fabric processing, a real starting point for creating beauty. Luisa Sposa is a craftswoman of true beauty.