Five things you may not know about tailored wedding dresses

Five things you may not know about tailored wedding dresses

Tailored wedding dresses are the expression of the true essence of the woman’s wedding dress, craftsmanship is an art which in the bridal model contains tradition, competence and wisdom. The art of bridal tailoring is in fact an expertise that the Maison Luisa Sposa has as the philosophy behind its project; it is no coincidence that Luisa Lotti is a skilled admirer of tailoring in a long tradition, that of Puglia, rich in history and artisan culture where the workmanship and raw materials in general are a priceless wealth.

A land and a people that already represent the cradle of success for artisanal compositions. The maison’s long path in bridal fashion has evolved on this trait of exclusivity and professionalism with an innovative scope that has allowed the brand to reach the international catwalks. There are many aspects of bridal tailoring that are fascinating to explore and the beauty of the processes, the workmanship, the embroidery, are the aspects that highlight the passion, the first essential feeling to carry forward a true artisan culture. We have summarized in five points everything that perhaps is not well known about the fascinating world of tailored suits, a journey through fabrics and dreams that will amaze.

  1. The customization of tailored wedding dresses

The tailored suit allows for very in-depth customization, to the point of completely overturning an initial model or a classic combination of fabrics. This point is essential to understand the evolutions in glamorous style that the Luisa Sposa brand has led in Made in Italy for the bridal fashion sector. The novelties, the ever-changing styles created from year to year represent the main characteristic of tailoring always tailored to every female desire.

The advantage lies in being able to create a dress that will not only remain in the imagination, but will be a realized model; this will be possible thanks also to the professionalism of our staff who will be able to advise, even before starting the process of making the dress, the perfect composition based on the indications of each bride. Culture and experience on the part of our collaborators are the know-how that allows them to know the best version of our dream dress beforehand.

Thanks to the composition of the tailored suit it is possible for example to fall in love with a model, but prefer it with a lace that we admired on another dress; it will also be possible to vary the type of silk that we have excluded despite the choice of a model proposed with that silk. In this way we will be able to replace mikado with chiffon and vice versa or opt for cady, always under the careful guidance of our stylists.

Even the elements of the clothes can be changed thanks to the myriad of tailoring solutions, just as our taste advises us. A fun and participatory way to await the long-awaited wedding, composing the dress with the favorite bodice and combining it with a skirt different from the one generally proposed. Alternatively, it will be nice to customize the dress with new and even sexy details for those who love to dare. In fact, the addition of, for example, a slit or even two to your favorite skirt is very particular. The type of neckline is also a highly requested variation, many brides prefer a deep back neckline rather than a front one, giving their favorite dress a completely different style. Furthermore, the modularity of the dress is possible thanks to the many additions of details that might seem to take a backseat, but instead completely change the vision of the full ensemble. Ample space for the addition of belts, accessories requested or created by the imagination of the brides; unexpected transparencies or the realization of the dream of a fairy tale tail. With the tailored suit everything will truly be possible.

2 – The lining, the first image of the tailored wedding dress

Many brides may not realize that during the first fitting of the dress, they won’t immediately see the wedding dress they chose or requested with customized details; all they will see is a simple and graceful lining. The bridal lining is a fabric model used to take precise body measurements. This first step is not just essential to determining the standard size of the bride, which is necessary for the market to make the dresses we generally wear, but it is crucial to evaluate the perfect symmetries of a body, those that are unique to each of us.

Measurement is also essential due to the fact that our body is not naturally perfectly symmetrical, but has small differences between the right and left sides, such as in a shoulder or a hip. In fact, the measurements taken must be millimetric to allow our tailoring, made up entirely of a female team, to create your perfectly tailored suit. In this phase of work, it is still possible to make changes, reflect on some details to add, vary some elements since the fabric cuts have not yet been made. After this step, the artisanal phase of the composition begins, which is the most fascinating and interesting one.

3 – Exclusivity, a unique tailored wedding dress

Thanks to the tailored dress, brides can have a completely new dress that doesn’t belong to the collection, the one that Maison Luisa Sposa designs and creates each year. The tailored suit is in all respects a unique dress made entirely for your wedding day. Exclusivity is a characteristic that excites and is very important because owning a dress, especially a wedding dress, which cannot be replicated and is tailor-made not only for desires, but also for emotions, sensations, different moments, is a job that personalizes it beyond beyond the visual impact. The tailored suit speaks about us, about our expectations, it reveals our personality and is capable of arousing different emotions: we won’t be wrong in saying that it is a work of art in its own right which brings with it not only great work, but also emotion and affection. Designing a tailor-made dress for us, which takes into account all the characteristics of the organization of our wedding, from the location to the style itself, is a creative objective that we will remember forever.

The Maison Luisa Sposa realizes dreams and works of art based on a philosophy matured through years of experience, alongside women, closely in touch with the nuances of the feminine world, in its entirety and complexity.

4 – The transformable wedding dress, always different and unique

The tailored suit by its nature lends itself perfectly to combinations of completely personalized transformable models. Convertible wedding dresses are those dresses that allow you to independently change some elements of the dress, such as the skirt or the tail, up to the sleeves. Transformable overskirts can be applied to the waist, hiding lace trousers: by removing the skirt and showing the trousers, at a certain point in the ceremony, you will completely vary your outfit.

The transformable suit is a very widespread must in recent years and also widely requested for its possibility of being integrated, precisely for these reasons it constitutes the perfect precursor to tailoring which can instead aim at a total and ex novo composition of the suit in all its elements. The convertible as a wedding dress already has a very important sartorial concept in itself and which goes towards full customization. Tailoring is the essence of the bridal philosophy, the distinctive feature of an offer that is never standard, but always unique. Luisa Sposa in Italy is a brand that has made tailoring the identifying characteristic of its vision.

5 – The quality guarantee of tailoring work

The quality of craftsmanship has always been a guarantee of distinction. The value of “handmade” lies in the accurate manufacturing, in the uniqueness of the creation and in the fact that every single element of the dress is subjected to careful evaluation, having to exceed very high-quality standards. Precisely in the compositions of tailored suits, quality is a guideline that not only contributes to elevating all Made in Italy, raising the flag of the value of national artisan products, but distinguishes a brand according to reliability and authenticity.

Luisa Sposa’s tailored dresses, composed centimeter by centimeter, are the result of work that overturns the normal process of creating collectible wedding dresses. There is a revolution in the starting point between the processes: while in composing the flagship dresses of a collection we always start from bridal fashion, in the production process of the tailored suit the focus is on the specific person, their uniqueness, a personality which will never be the same as another.

The tailored wedding dress is an experience that can no longer be relived, even for our seamstresses, cutters, pattern makers and embroiderers who animate our tailoring. A possibility which, in itself, entirely encompasses the vision of a brand that deals with everything relating to the bridal look. Tailoring, uniqueness and beauty: a path that was already in the visions and experience of Luisa Lotti and which today represents the reality of the Maison.