Wedding dresses with pants: a classy alternative

Wedding dresses with pants: a classy alternative

Admiring a bride in pants is not usual, but it certainly surprises the observer, especially if the entire sartorial composition of the pants is finely made of lace, combinable with tulle or Mikado overskirt. Wedding dresses with pants actually make the chosen model even more important, especially when modular, emphasizing the outfit with sensual or sparkling details: according to the latest trends, full-body lace suits fitting the body are combined with accessories and removable elements that allow a personalized composition.

Wedding dresses with pants are a choice usually made by those who seek to break the mold with a wonderful effect, generally a sure hit. They are also ideal for civil weddings, but beyond the simple and minimal suit with white trousers, the 2022-23 trends have brought to the runway, in the best bridal fashion weeks around the world, wedding dresses with trousers that are often much more elaborate than classic ones, resulting in a truly elegant and unconventional outcome.

The Luisa by Luisa collection has embraced the trend of bridal pants, creating a highly impactful look. The dual dress bodice and pants composition is often crafted in macramé. The elegant bodice with deep neckline in tulle illusion also has a very sophisticated collar effect, while the skinny pants can be composed of a tulle bell-shaped overskirt.

abiti da sposa con pantaloni

Not just pants, the dress embellished with charm

Traditionally, wedding dress have a unique cut with wide skirts, subsequently the fashion of two-piece ensemble excited designers to the point of imagining that even the alternative with trousers would make the wishes of many brides come true. Since then, the trend of integrating outfits with particular, original trousers has spread to the creation of true sartorial compositions that mix different styles and have a great visual impact. Palazzo pants, typically more classic, were then joined by the fashion of jumpsuits with accents of modernity and extravagance. The skinny or cigarette cut of the tracksuit trousers that shape the bride’s body create particular compositions on the body with a see-through effect. A dress model that greatly slims the figure, to be worn strictly with an impact shoe.

Luisa Sposa, besides presenting infinite variations of lace on bridal pants, has envisioned the use of sparkle effect fabrics, combined with skirts with a high front slit. A sexy yet ethereal result.


Dare without conforming

An avant-garde style that shows all its particularity, certainly preferred by strong and decisive personalities. The bride in trousers never stops seeking targeted originality embellished with elements that give the wedding style a different and always personalized allure. The strong lines and the overlapping of elements, between trousers and overskirt, reveal a highly refined dual dress stylistic mood. Also very fashionable are ball gowns that cover the trousers only at the back, leaving the legs uncovered at the front for a more glamorous effect. Short, flowing cuts at the back or wide flared skirts that reveal the trousers with a transparent effect; these are the sophisticated trends of wedding dresses with trousers, in endless combinations. An iconic and timeless model is that of Luisa Sposa with a sensual macramé bodice with a necklace effect; all macramé elements create a visual continuity with the pants in the same composition. A layered tulle overskirt completes the sumptuousness.

Bridal fashion open to originality

An innovative answer to tradition, wedding dresses with pants are suitable for a wide range of different styles for the wedding. Sophisticated lace compositions remain perfect even for classic, glamorous, princess-style weddings, with a fashion addict tone ideal for young brides. The lines of the more classic trousers, the palazzo trousers, are particularly suitable for civil ceremonies and also for sober, minimal and simple celebrations, without giving up the desire for particularity to arouse amazement and to appear, on the most beautiful day of life, in unique and refined way.

A choice based on every intention of being remembered because beauty is also the unexpected. The chic effect of bridal couture pants has greatly affected the imagination so that these preferences, between rigorous suits and precious dual dresses, represent one of the classy choices that bride-to-be can make. Luisa Sposa has pushed a lot towards this trend by presenting those original models that have interpreted the expectations of many brides against the tide, mixing glamorous and chic details with eternal elements and motifs in bridal fashion.