Short wedding dresses, a trendy alternative to the long gowns

abiti da sposa corti

Short wedding dresses, a trendy alternative to the long gowns

Often, the traditional long wedding dress, even in original models, is not the choice that excites brides. Many young women have doubts about preferring a more glamorous style that can enhance their physique: it is not always considered appropriate for a long dress. The alternative to this, for many brides, is short bridal dresses.

In reality, physical characteristics are important to consider; a petite stature should not exclude the option of a long dress, which is actually perfect for many body types, taking into account wearability, fit, and above all, personal style. The right wedding dress is one that fits well and feel comfortable, reflecting personal taste and innate style. Even this year, short wedding dresses are all the rage, a trend topic that has always been trending, but one that has recently become very popular among bridal fashion. Among Luisa Sposa’s  iconic models, short wedding dresses occupy an interesting space, always characterized by glamorous and innovative nuances, because stylistically, the short wedding dress is precisely the model on which the most particular variations are designed. It is interesting to balance these measurements, for example with elegant and airy tulle skirts that highlight their uniqueness, enhancing the silhouette with a playful result.

A short wedding dress is also ideal not only for the traditional religious ceremony, but also for remarriages or civil ceremonies; it is a versatile garment, suitable for every mood, offering the tailoring option to be customized in a very special way. In Luisa Sposa’s workshop, aside from collection models, short wedding dresses are stylistic projects that have expressed the Maison’s sartorial mastery very well. The fabric combinations that enhance the model mainly concern the skirt and very often the composition of the sleeves, resulting in sometimes bon-ton, sometimes truly novel symmetries. 

Luisa Sposa‘s iconic short bridal dress is made fluffy by the petticoat. The fabric is Chantilly lace with an elegant bodice that cinches the waist and makes the elegance of the skirt even more impactful.

abiti da sposa corti

Short wedding dresses and asymmetric skirts, models of class

Short wedding dresses have the peculiarity of being combined with a variety of asymmetric skirts that give class and also graceful fabric movement to the entire outfit, creating an important visual impact. The different cuts of the skirts add dynamism and originality to the wedding dress and also satisfy the desire to leave the legs uncovered while keeping the long tail on the back of the dress, always a symbol of bridal beauty. The short skirt on the front and that maintains the train in the back is actually a highly sought-after model and lends itself to the use of various fabrics that can also accentuate its beauty.

Also widely appreciated is the long overskirt, which from the waist down embellishes the shorter skirt underneath, or a short lace sheath dress; it is often made of silk and features slits that give the grace to the movement with a glamorous allure. Overskirts with slits that reveal the short skirt underneath, or even lace jumpsuits with shorts, are also elements of transformable dresses, designed with the purpose of making the dress very original and at the same time benefiting from an elegant and traditional effect and a dress model that is sure to catch the eye.

In Luisa Sposa‘s tailoring philosophy, asymmetric wedding dresses have always inspired new visions and projects, based on a high creative trend of the Maison, that, on asymmetric skirts, has often expressed its stylistic peak.

Short wedding dresses, especially with asymmetric skirts, are also synonymous with comfort and functionality. They allow for free movement and fit well, appealing to young women who do not wish to opt for a style that is too simple and traditional. With short wedding dresses, the watchword are undoubtedly freedom and contrast: a dress model that can fulfil the desires of fashion addicts, but also of a whimsical personality, great aesthete by nature. The pursuit of beauty and femininity is certainly the guide for bride-to-bes who choose asymmetric cuts.

Among the offerings is one of Luisa Sposa‘s iconic dresses, always a sought-after gem. An asymmetric model consisting of a short, fitted lace sheath with the application of a slit silk overskirt. An ethereal and very original vision. Another must-have dress by Luisa Sposa, on the other hand, is the model with a sumptuous asymmetric tulle skirt, short on the front and long in the back. A cloud of tulle emphasized by the silk bodice. The very volumetric effect of the skirt makes it a work of art.

abiti da sposa corti

Short wedding dresses as an evolutionary concept for bridal fashion

In the evolution of her projects, Luisa Sposa has considered short wedding dresses as a concept to be developed more and more, also meeting the growing demand for an original and lively style that is also elegant.

The pandemic period was followed by trends that demonstrated young bridal couples’ desire for freedom, with a clear tendency to go outside the traditional norms. Wedding dresses are also following these trends, and among all of them the less traditional ones are emerging, or in combinations that show a good balance between styles. Here even the short cut of the wedding dress has its dimension in this perspective gathering a lot of preferences lately among bride-to-be.

Short wedding dresses have the virtue of elongating the figure and, as in the case of transformable wedding dresses, offer the possibility of being easily reused with minor modifications. Short bridal gowns are very fashionable, which, entirely in lace, manage to convey a refined image: simplicity that expresses a distinctive, clean, bright image in the nuptial context.

A preview of the new “Anima” collection, inspired by inner life and its symbolic expressions. The short bon ton lace sheath dress is composed of a delicate heart-shaped bodice that shows its beauty through the lace. The dress has a royal half neck with long sleeves. A precious and highly detailed model for a varied and sophisticated collection, full of surprises.abiti da sposa corti

Luisa Lotti, the stylistic mind behind Luisa Sposa, has always identified, ahead of time, successful trends on which to design possible evolutions, new concepts, and has always stood out in the tailoring tradition of Made in Italy with proposals that are not only unique, but which have set a national trend in bridal fashion. Luisa Sposa offers more than just beautiful dress models: the collections are only the first step in customizing and creating the exact dress that each person wants. The study of trends and the extensive tailoring experience have made Luisa Sposa in Italy an exclusive point of reference to bridal fashion.