Princess style wedding dresses, a timeless fairy tale

Princess style wedding dresses, a timeless fairy tale

Princess-style wedding dresses are models particularly dreamed of by young brides who have always faced the choice of the ideal dress for their wedding day. The fairy-tale tone of these dresses is often emphasized by fabrics and compositions with a sumptuous and traditional cut, but, precisely because they are very iconic, these models have always been the subject, in bridal fashion, of reinterpretations and particularities based on the most sought-after trends.

Bridal fashion 2023 brought interesting proposals to the catwalks. The very flowing cuts and essentially composed with the precious lace fabric represent one of the most loved trends, but silk and mikado also dress largely minimal chic princess-style models, with the use of tulle too. A bon-ton effect that the Luisa Sposa maison has interpreted with its usual artisanal philosophy; among the models there is no lack of evident echoes of those meticulous workmanship of fabrics that have always made sartorial creations unique, but there is also, surprisingly, glamorous and absolutely trendy accents that Luisa Sposa introduces strongly and decisively.

Ultimately, this has always been the hallmark of Luisa Lotti’s project: creating a beautiful and unique dress like high-quality tailored ones and at the same time an artistic work, always new, which even anticipates every desire. He often suggests desires.

Completely ethereal and almost dreamlike is the entirely lace dress with the wide flared skirt, one of Luisa Sposa’s most requested models. It gives the silhouette a statuesque image: the effect of continuity of the lace, accentuated by the long sleeves, is broken up at the high waist by a silk band. One of the most elegant effects of the new collection.

abiti da sposa stile principessa

Luisa Sposa’s tulle dress is dreamy, with embroidery and beaded compositions. The off-the-shoulder neckline with dropped straps makes the dress more sumptuous and regal. The cascade of tulle adds the full image a touch of sophisticated romanticism.

abiti da sposa stile principessa

The minimal chic of princess-style dresses and their captivating surprises

The princess-style wedding dress, precisely because of its sumptuousness and its importance, is proposed, according to the 2023 trends, with a minimal chic effect: if in fact the cuts and compositions are accentuated by significant trains and wide skirts, the simplicity of silk, which needs no additional luminous elements, plays in favor of a very impactful but also extremely elegant effect.

This logic generally belongs to creations made of mikado, the structuring fabric that adds all wedding dresses a clear value. The beauty of Mikado silk and its rigidity can create supported details and fabric plays on the dress, furthermore they give a brightness that often does not require any application or processing. This is why mikado is one of the most used fabrics for princely dresses, often combined with lace bodices, with an illusion and tattoo effect.

The vaporousness of the mikado, in fact, is underlined by the illusion-effect fabrics on the nude, especially on the open back, emphasized by particular cuts and surprise details.

The dress from the Luisa-by-Luisa collection is made precisely according to this harmony of different fabrics that enhance each other. The mandarin collar at the front, worked with a collier effect, creates contrast with the open back on the rest of the dress. The consequence is of immediate impact, an image of a particular and unusual beauty.

abiti da sposa stile principessa

Regal effects, sparkling bodices

Worked bodices are also part of the ethereal and particular combinations of princess-style wedding dresses. Ample space for sparkling details and compositions of stones and beads, regal necklines, such as the heart-shaped or deep V-shaped ones, complete a perfect image for this style. The style of the sleeves is also one of the main characteristics of princely wedding dresses, starting from the fastening; shoulder necklines often specifically give this regal effect, featuring drooping sleeves or starting from mid-arms, with a very classy volumetric accentuation. Forehead shoulders are generally a feature of princely outfits.

The worked bodice that tops the wide skirts remains a must-have for brides-to-be who, despite the twist of trends between minimal styles and clean lines in recent years, increasingly love to dream of being the protagonist of a real fairy tale even for just one day. So, it’s time to embrace tight-waisted bodices with intricately worked lace for a see-through effect.

Luisa Lotti, in the sartorial projects studied down to the smallest detail for the Luisa Sposa maison, gave ample space to the combinations of bodices and skirts with the aim of enhancing the workmanship and fabrics. Luisa Sposa has always followed its own artisan vision with creations that respond to every style and that could express the most identifying and particular stylistic features of the maison. The worked bodices, with different details and fabrics that are composed always present high originality but at the same time are of refined class, with plays of embroidery and precious lace.

The bodice of this dress perfectly showcases Luisa Sposa’s philosophy for princess-style dresses: it features a rebrodè lace embellished with beads that enhances the deep neckline. An elegance that is hard to compare.

abiti da sposa stile principessa

Same beauty, but with deep humeral neckline is the dress with boho chic accents; its bodice features continuous floral embroidery that greatly emphasizes the style. The very distinctive creation is refined, sometimes retro.

abiti da sposa stile principessa

Luisa Lotti, in the course of the sartorial and artisanal research on which the Luisa Sposa maison project is based, has always adequately valorised the most innovative styles and trends up to the most classic models of bridal fashion of all time. A process that has seen the creation over the years of models that have inspired many young brides, remaining iconic in the history of Made in Italy and also recognized on the international scene. The personalized consultancy that the maison also offers at its affiliated ateliers is proof of this continuous research into the preferences and desires of women and the most followed trends of each year.