Original wedding dresses, uniqueness in the Anima collection

abiti da sposa originali

Original wedding dresses, uniqueness in the Anima collection

A glamorous wedding dress that takes your breath away: this is the sense that Luisa Sposa wanted to give to the original wedding dresses of her new collection. The surprises that the stylistic and tailoring workshop of Luisa Sposa has hidden behind projects, sketches, and designs, exclusively for Anima, are sublimated into a true glam experience that combines the newest trends with traditional tailoring, this time in an even more original key.

In Luisa Lotti‘s visions, the focus aligns with the new trends for weddings that encourage daring and going beyond with sophisticated ingenuity. This is why the new models reflect a search for unconventional combinations among the elegant fabric textures, in a particular interplay of styles that assert themselves optically on their own, but also give new meaning to the complexity of the compositions.

In short, even the dresses speak: original wedding dresses are a true expression of personality. In these interpretations, urban and business styles blend with the bridal look, boho details and features of gypsy tailoring tradition  are clearly visible in a series of applications and elements. Lastly, but not least in aesthetic impact, worked veils mysteriously cover the gaze. Every device is an opportunity to make history, to introspect. This is the new concept of Anima, which has the ambitious goal of celebrating authenticity in every individual trait, the multiplicity of the female world, and also to propose in the bridal fashion scene models never seen before, representatives of a Made in Italy tailoring strongly distinctive in quality and creativity.

Original wedding dresses are, therefore, one of the goals of Anima: the correspondence of contrasts, between different styles, is precisely that search for inner freedom that moves the spirit of contemporary women. Society, costume, and fashion intertwine as different echoes of a constant search and deep work of each on their own individuality. From here also the celebration of different cultures that the new Anima collection faces by absorbing rhythms, special fabrics, and atmospheres. Anima is the deepest part of women that Luisa Sposa wants to show.

The embroidered veil is a must-have accessory of the year. A mysterious detail that immediately endows the wedding dress with unparalleled charm. In this case, too, the goal of the maison is visible: an exquisitely retro detail that becomes, with fine craftsmanship, very fashionable and sought-after.

abiti da sposa originali

The novelty of fabrics for original wedding dresses

In this new collection, the original wedding dresses are also distinguished by the fabrics used. The precious materials of traditional wedding dresses, such as lace and tulle, are combined with innovative proposals using new silks for the bridal look, giving an unexpected effect of freshness and modernity, free and far from stereotypes. Moreover, the trend is always connected to the concept of Anima: Luisa Sposa conveys the message of introspective expression, a mirror of the feminine essence. Cultures, traditions, internalization, all contribute to define the beauty of a vision that is not only aesthetic but also values-based. Beauty in new trends is not just a matter of optical impact; this time, beauty is a totalizing experience.

The silk taffeta skirt is one of the standout elements in the Anima collection: a fabric that has come back into fashion in recent years in bridal wear and is a guarantee of versatility for an unexpected ethereal beauty, even more pristine and fairy-tale-like. The bodice, with its charming sleeve, completes an elegant ensemble.

abiti da sposa originali

Explosive vitality characterizes the dress model entirely in Sangallo: the traditionally Swiss style, a symbol of airy brightness, is interpreted by the tailoring workshop of Luisa Sposa in an original and superlative way. The delicate bodice is made more significant by balloon sleeves, and the tiered skirt expresses the warmth of a perfect country style.

abiti da sposa originali

The beauty of deep contrast, exclusive effects

Original wedding dresses originate from the need to change the traditional image of the dress, and for several years now, this trend has been expressed in simple details, but often also in a complete transformation of the wedding dress towards unusual and even far-from-bridal fashion styles. The trend has evolved into true arts and designs that have reinterpreted the bridal dress, but also the figure of the bride herself, increasingly seen as a style icon and not just the protagonist of the wedding day.

Luisa Sposa, always attentive to innovations and the most interesting and creative trends, has wanted to offer in recent years its own version of a versatile, interesting, and bold bride.

Just as the sartorial culture of other peoples reveals its essence in “Anima,” with numerous sensory nuances, some models and proposals convey the same climax, the same tension, with one overarching message: the bride can be a point of convergence for a unique style, conceived anew each time.

The philosophy of Luisa Sposa is already based on creation, not mere production: in its workshops, Luisa Sposa designs dresses, as we have seen, tailored to every dream. Often, the starting point is the marvelous models from the collections that can be completely transformed, resulting in a completely personalized bespoke wedding dress. Uniqueness, therefore, just like every woman is unique in every aspect. Vision and mission blend together under this guideline: the inner essence and our unique aspects are clearly visible among the textures and fine fabrics of Luisa Sposa.

The mermaid dress with the white blazer combines two different yet iconic aspects: the ultimate elegance of the mermaid dress and the clean and timeless style of the blazer.

abiti da sposa originali

The new design, the art of bridal style

Reinventing style and new visions, telling stories and emotions. The new designs have been conceived to speak to all the brides-to-be who, on their wedding day, make a choice that holds significant value. They want to express it with a style that is sometimes refined and often unique. Bringing out their personality and true character is the goal of the woman portrayed by Luisa Sposa in a new year of surprises and new objectives.

The natural consequence in this journey of beauty and truth is that vintage and retro styles alternate with the most glamorous proposals, not following conventional norms but rather adhering to a new bridal art. The original wedding dresses interpreted in this way become one of the distinctive signs of Luisa Sposa, orchestrating different unusual combinations, not only in terms of style but also with the use of new elements like pants. Aesthetic impact, intrinsic value: all of this is Anima.

Fringes are a trending topic in women’s fashion, a must-have that has accompanied timeless trends over the years, such as the Charleston and hippie fashion.

Luisa Sposa’s proposal is an extremely elegant jumpsuit with a finely crafted rope bodice: from the shoulders, the long fringes follow the stride with a great charm and timeless beauty.

abiti da sposa originali

Anima by Luisa Sposa is a collection that inspires many reflections: from the styles of every era to the constant references to the tailoring traditions of distant cultures, all the way to anticipating the most glamorous trends.

In this ongoing journey into the feminine world, the concepts enhance the philosophy of Luisa Sposa, and the original wedding dresses each year showcase the process of this evolution of beauty closely tied to the desires of every woman.