Back to the earth: the return to the roots of Luisa Sposa.

Back to the earth: the return to the roots of Luisa Sposa.

A collection born from the experience of lockdown, a tribute to nature and to the roots of the Italian fashion designer.

Back to the Earth: this is the title of the launch video for the 2020-2021 Luisa Sposa collection, an emotional journey in search of the feminine essence that meets the most authentic and true nature. A word, “earth”, which contains within it another word, “art”, just like the stylistic work. The all-Italian “savoir-faire” that designer Luisa Lotti has been proudly pursuing for forty years with her creations, known and appreciated all over the world. Also by virtue of the 100% craftsmanship at every step of processing.
The concept of the launch video tells the story of Mother Earth’s journey from the depths of the planet to the surface, coming to life from the roots of an olive tree.

Enraptured by the sounds of nature and the immaculate white of a lace dress posing on a mannequin, Mother Earth shyly approaches the dress that seems to be waiting for a wonderful day. And it is precisely by wearing it, possessed by incredible grace and beauty, that her journey begins, surrounded by sounds, colours. and elements of nature, which we find on every dress she wears. The fluidity of water in a silk chiffon skirt that follows a nymph running happily through the woods.

The tenderness of micro-leaves of wild myrtle on a romantic bohemian silhouette. Petals and flowers rest on bodices skirts and tails, following Mother Earth in the places dearest to the designer, from the Apulian farms to the Monopoli’sea, between quarries and inlets where the crystal-clear water breaks on the rocks.
And here Mother Earth concludes her journey: it’s time to return to the depths from which she came, she strips off an impalpable silhouette of pure silk and joins the water, another element that is source of life and wellness.

A research project inspired by the lockdown experience, as Luisa Lotti, the designer of the Apulian brand, explains: “These clothes were born during the quarantine period. Every day I woke up in my country house and all that time was an invitation to me to rest my mind and enjoy the sounds, colours, shapes and the cyclical times of nature around me. When I returned to work, I brought nature back into my clothes, I wanted them to be a real rebirth. For me, this experience had to be seen as an invitation to reflection, a return to the simplicity of nature. Everyone should face events by taking even the smallest bit of good and turn it into a message of hope and love”.

The scenes of the video by Officine Mec were shot in the heart of Puglia, between the beaches of Monopoli and two marvellous farms, Masseria Grieco and Masseria San Giovanni. Masseria Grieco and Masseria San Giovanni kindly granted their spaces for video and photo shooting. A bridal couture experience that we invite you to discover through the images and video of this new stylistic journey of Luisa Sposa.