Transformable wedding dress: always different, always unique

abito da sposa trasformabile

Transformable wedding dress: always different, always unique

It is not always a necessary for a wedding dress to be the same for the entire duration of the event, there is a little tailoring secret that, as if by magic will be able to assimilate the characteristics of two different and contrasting dresses, all in a single garment. This is the transformable wedding dress, a winning solution, a trick for versatile brides who want to surprise guests with a change of look that is not too contrasting with the chosen wedding dress. Let’s see in this article which transformable wedding dresses to prefer among the many wonderful proposals by Luisa Sposa.

The origins of the transformable wedding dress

vestito sposa trasformabile

The transformable wedding dress is not an entirely new concept. Fashion changes and evolves with customs, but most often it takes inspiration from ancient practices, readapting them for the modern day.

Thus, the transformable dress could take inspiration from the ancient “honeymoon travel dress”, a second outfit that brides wore the day after the wedding, when they were preparing to leave for their honeymoon. A much more practical and wearable white dress, often a sheath dress or a trouser dress, which brides wore for the departure, showing themselves to the guests and for the customary photos.

Today, the transformable dress is a layered dress made up of individual elements, such as overskirts, capes, trains, that together give the result of a complete solution, but rich of details to be removed and repositioned so that they can change the image of the entire look. It will be like wearing a completely new dress: the transformable wedding dress will not only look different, but it will also change style according to our needs. From a bridal dress, it will become an evening dress, a gala dress, or a cocktail dress: for every special occasion, one can think of a different combination.

Tailoring tips for composing a transformable dress

To create this type of dress, various elements of the dress can be used, all essential for a change that will give the perception of freshness and novelty.

Transformable dress over-skirts: what are they?

abito trasformabile

The first trick is to use a double skirt or a skirt that can be shortened by reducing the ruffles for a modern and lively look. Layering is a very simple way to decompose the dress and allows you to adjust the skirt length to the sacredness of a ceremony and the fun of a party.

In this sense, another solution could be to wear a wide and princess-live over-skirt in organza, tulle or any other material that attaches at the waist, to build a princess model dress.

To maintain the length of the dress even during the reception, the double skirt can also be applied over a mermaid dress, to add layers and breadth to the dress making it regal and important. After the fateful yes, just detach the skirt and surprise unaware friends with a completely different outfit.

The removable tail

A similar effect is given by the removable train that attahces to the lower or upper part of the back, the train will highlight the waist and feminine shapes, perfect especially for mermaid dresses: once removed, the effect of the dress will be different and designed for a more familiar and intimate moment of the ceremony, surrounded by the affection of relatives and friends.

An elegant dress, but at the same time comfortable to dance and have fun without hindrances.

Underdresses to enhance the transformable wedding dress

Another way to approach the composition of wedding dresses is to play with transparencies: a composition between an underdress and a lace dress can completely transform the outfit. It works especially for narrow models that where layering plays for a mysterious charm.

Emphasizing a dress, especially a slipped one, with a play of composition between silk and lace is a highly elegant touch to be consider carefully.

Capes and veils for effective transparencies games

The “put on and take off” tactic also applies to highlight necklines and the bodice, essential elements that during the reception can emphasize a beautiful décolleté or the beauty of bare shoulders with delicate heart or bateau necklines.

Many brides wish to expose shoulders and décolleté, trying to find the right solution to cover them during the ceremony: in this regard, we recommend the addition of finely embroidered capes, mantilla veils, which can be pinned with a small clip, giving an extra touch.

Subsequently, a bolero, with a play of transparencies, or a stole, especially in winter periods, can really make the difference and make it seem like the dress has been completely revolutionized with a simple addition, details that may seem superfluous, but that generally steal the scene. The shoulder cover is a more requested detail of the transformable wedding dress and is able to make a dress both ethereal and rigorous very sensual.

The bodice, the visible detail of the transformable dress

vestito trasformabile

The transformable wedding dress is perceived in its versatility especially thanks to the combinations allowed by the bodice which gives grace, shifting attention from the skirt and the waistline. Another trick is the bodysuit, very fashionable among the 2022 bridal trends. Also in this case, a transformable bodice allows changing the composition of the dress.

Tulle, organza or lace sleeves can only be used during the ceremony. The top part of a wedding dress is really the characterizing element of the wedding look, and carefully evaluating its fit in relation to your body is a moment often accompanied by many questions. Transformable wedding dresses make every corset model perfect for every need and physique type. To each, then, their own device and their own composition.

Luisa Sposa presents various precious combinations of bodices and removable sleeves.

How to choose the perfect transformable wedding dress

Naturally, as in the case of the traditional dress, even the choice of style and model of the transformable wedding dress must be suitable for the physique and personality of the bride who wears it, with all the necessary precautions regarding proportions, fabrics, and other preferences of necklines and removable elements.

The characteristic of beauty should not overshadow the need for comfort: the transformable wedding dress was, after all, designed to meet practical needs without giving up uniqueness. Whatever happens, the versatile woman who chooses Luisa Sposa will always be perfect!