Sleeves that transform the wedding dress: the most stunning from Luisa Sposa’s Corallo Collection

Sleeves that transform the wedding dress: the most stunning from Luisa Sposa’s Corallo Collection

Luisa Sposa defines the concept of elegance and versatility through the attention to detail of a handmade wedding dress in every part, we find this also in an often overlooked feature: the sleeve. 

In the new Corallo collection, the sleeve is not just a detail, but often a central feature, the focus of the design, capable of transforming the entire look with a haute couture flair.

The Sleeve as a Protagonist

In the new collection, each sleeve is designed to add an element of grace and sophistication, varying from the most classic to the most innovative styles.
Long lace sleeves that wrap around the inner forearm and then widen into balloon, for example, are a new trend and lend timeless romanticism, while light tulle sleeves down to the wrists create an ethereal, impalpable effect.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new Corallo collection is the ability to transform the dress through the sleeves, thanks to the creative flair of designer Luisa Lotti.

Many models in the collection, which has more than a hundred designs, have detachable sleeves, allowing the bride to switch from a more classic look to a more modern and wearable one during the reception.

This versatility also allows for unique personal expression, enabling the bride to play with different styles throughout the event.

The details: how sleeves are made

Each sleeve is made with fine fabrics, crystals and lace, even the buttons are handmade, the craftsmanship is always there in every Luisa Sposa creation.

Although the focus is on design and aesthetics, never forget the importance of comfort. The sleeves are designed to ensure freedom of movement and comfort throughout the day, so every bride can feel comfortable without sacrificing style, thanks to the made-to-measure work.

Today’s brides are increasingly looking for dresses that can adapt to the different moments of their special day, Luisa Sposa has been able to respond to this need with elegance and innovation.

The jewel sleeves

A prime example are jewel sleeves, where the cuffs or the entire sleeve is considered a glove or a jewel adorning the arm. Short sleeves are embellished with crystal fringes that move and accompany the bride in her every movement, giving her light and panache as well.

Detachable sleeves: from lace to silk

In some models, the sleeves form a single piece with the runway, and this element can be removed, transforming the look completely.

Other models feature the jabeau sleeve, which opens to create a very jaunty ruffle effect.

The tattoo sleeve

Timeless, the effect is created through the application of lace ramage on nude illusion tulle to give the feeling of a second skin, on which the most beautiful and diverse lace is placed.

Corallo by Luisa Sposa is a celebration of the versatility of the sleeve as a fundamental element of bridal design, a unique combination of beauty and sartorial elegance, making the sleeves the true strength of each creation.