Mikado wedding dresses: special silk workmanship

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Mikado wedding dresses: special silk workmanship

An ancient silk processing technique, originating from Japan, has come back into fashion among the 2022 wedding dress trends, is Mikado, which never ceases to amaze with its characteristics of light and elegance, with a perfect fit. Mikado wedding dresses are wedding dresses designed in silk with a yarn worked so that the fabric is much stiffer than silk, structured and defined.

Mikado is a precious fabric that, due to its consistency property, not soft and flowing like  chiffon, has allowed stylists to produce wedding dresses models with particular, decisive, even artistic shapes. Compositions and particular geometries are possible thanks to the mikado. It is a particularly bright and luminous fabric and for this reason it makes the semi-rigid structures of the clothes even more beautiful, appearing like true “architectures”, creations of great impact. A noble fabric that offers many combination possibilities and precisely for these characteristics is perhaps the ideal fabric for wedding dresses, for those structured in complexity, but also rich in rigid details that, applied to the dress, need to never lose support. Among the proposals of the 2023 collection,  Luisa Sposa also uses mikado to define the lines of the skirts, wide and supported, but also to create many striking details such as knots and full bows.

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The wearability of mikado

As we have seen, mikado wedding dresses exploit the properties of this silk fabric which is worked precisely to obtain more particular effects: waves, volutes, even large and voluminous details that manage to remain defined and firm. These are characteristics of important and spectacular clothes to enhance and valorize every type of physique: their perfect fall does not wrap the silhouette and manages to enhance the harmony of the lines. Thanks to the silk mikado it is also possible to create dresses with a very simple structure, in a minimal chic style, which however have the gift of giving an allure of great elegance and originality to those who wear them. Mikado wedding dresses will certainly give the right help to brides who don’t start with a preferred model during their choice. Luisa Sposa has given wide space and attention to this extraordinary fabric, proposing different models and applications.

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The creations possible thanks to mikado: origami

Silk mikado takes its name from the term that in Japanese indicated the emperor, as it was a fabric introduced on the market by the rulers, and in relation to this origin it is interesting to talk about the splendid origami effects; these are different geometric motifs that give movement to the dress and that can also be applied, given the consistency of this fabric. The result is a decoration similar to an origami, the composition of paper folded in various ways, enhancing the wedding dress with volume and elegance. One of Luisa Sposa’s origami-effect dresses shows a mikado ruffle on the back which, in addition to appearing very elegant in itself, is particularly enhanced by the shine of the weave, between contrasts of volumes and light.

mikado origami


Mikado applications, the secret for a consistently supported effect

Often, worked fabrics tend to weigh down the figure and not maintain that airy effect of the first few minutes when we wear them. Mikado comes to the rescue precisely for this need, and the choice of fabric can also be thought to give continuous support to the details with which we want to embellish our dress. This is the case of the removable tail that, once applied, increases the volume of the dress. The mikado tail is an idea for a full-bodied application, difficult to crease and that will never give in, taking on different and unwanted shapes. An example of a mikado tail is the exclusive model by Luisa Sposa which also features a lace tail, details that fully reflect the stylistic signature of the Maison.

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Bodices, drapery and knot creations

Another characteristic of this noble fabric is that it allows the creation of very original bodices: in these models of mikado wedding dresses, Luisa Sposa takes advantage of the consistency of the mikado and manages to create drapes, knots and overlays under which appliqués and highlights can be seen on nude tulle. Even in this case, the result is a true sculpture to wear: usually, this particular silk texture is ideal for all off-shoulder necklines that do not need supports and straps.

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How and why to choose a mikado wedding dress

The success of mikado as a fabrics among the most loved by brides depends not only on the beauty of these garments but also on their adaptability to different physiques. It fits well and minimizes every flaw and even in very classic lines, it will never be ordinary thanks to the timeless elegance of the fabric, which does not need many details. Precisely for this reason, structured skirts allow wide slits without the impact being excessive, one of Luisa Sposa’s models shows an example of this cut, demonstrating how the elegance of these textures can also be sensual. 

vestito sposa mikado
Mikado is therefore recommended as the ideal fabric for the wedding dress if you want to focus for a choice of sure success, elegance and comfort.

vestiti sposa mikado