Luisa Sposa presents the new “Corallo Collection” and celebrates 35 years of hand-made excellence.

Luisa Sposa presents the new “Corallo Collection” and celebrates 35 years of hand-made excellence.

On March 10 and 11, 2024, Luisa Sposa launched  the new “Corallo Collection” in conjunction with the celebration of 35 years of history and creativity, dedication to beauty and elegance in the world of bridal haute couture.

Since foundation, the Maison has embodied the true essence of Italian fine elegance, handing down the values of cratfmanship from the past but giving them new life throughout the years, to meet the ever- changing fashion trends. Once again, with the “Corallo Collection”, Luisa Sposa keeps this illustrious tradition alive, celebrating three decades and a half of innovation and timeless style. Its name is a hint to the so-called “Nozze di Corallo” (which means “coral wedding”, to translate it in English somehow), an Italian party in which husband and wife renew their promises, 35 years after the marriage.

Each and every dress reflects a delicate soul and the marvellous creation behind it: from the classic and romantic silhouettes to the daring and modern designs, they all embody the now well-known signature of Luisa Sposa and the timeless elegance they always give life to.

Selected fabrics, artisanal details and magics of embroidery gather to create masterpieces of haute-couture.

Explaining the meaning behind it, Luisa has stated: “with Corallo, not only do we celebrate 35 years of extraordinary commitment to creativity, but also the eternal beauty of love and union”.

The “Corallo Collection” has been presented and previewed in Apulia, the very place where it was born and crafted: a two-day happening dedicated to all the retailers to celebrate with them this glorious anniversary.The dresses were also officially presented abroad during the traditional Bridal Week event in Barcelona and will soon be available in the best ateliers.