How to choose a bridal veil: tips and advice

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How to choose a bridal veil: tips and advice

The bridal veil represents a symbolic and interesting element in the composition of the bridal look. Despite its beauty in the various types of veils, it is not always easy to choose, especially due to inexperience in the style suitable for our preferred dress, but also for personal reasons: a bridal veil that matches well with the chosen dress might not reflect the idea we had initially. The image we have of the veil, in fact, very often resides emotionally in the expectations we have long nurtured about the most beautiful day of life, since childhood. The truth is that we might discover that we have not considered a composition that better suits our personality, and that is why Luisa Sposa offers specialized consultancy to delve into this choice, full of questions but, in the end, a harbinger of satisfaction and great beauty. Let’s first review what there is to know about the bridal veil, its origins, the types, to be best prepared for this choice in our ateliers.

The origins of the bridal veil, the symbolic history

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Wearing the wedding veil is an ancient rite that dates back to ancient Greece, the symbol of purity and concealment indicated the only the groom could see the bride’face, mysteriously hidden. Her face would be shown to the community present only after sealing the union. It’s wasn’t until Roman times that the symbolism of the veil also rose to a sign of protection: like a cape, it was placed over the groom’s head, had bright colors, and warded off the negative influence of every curse. Only in the Middle Ages did the bridal veil begin to be embellished with details and finishes, often religious, paving the way for an increasingly aesthetic interpretation of grace and elegance. Over the years the transformations of the dress and veils have been many up to the most particular expressions of fashion, often artistic, which characterized the world of the bridal look. An evolution in a very interesting story, which still retains the initial message: the wedding veil is the element that most expresses and completes the beauty of the wedding dress.

The types of wedding veils, a universe to explore

Among the many proposals for wedding veils, between sophisticated and traditional combinations, the length of the veil certainly categorises this element and determines its suitability for many types of bridal dresses. The short veil is a classy choice, but also of original one; the long veil is a dreamy image; the chapel veil is of extraordinary impactful; up to cathedral veils that can exceed seven metres. For any expectation, Luisa Sposa has created highly innovative solutions, even for brides who want to make bold choices and capture everyone’s attention. It is not only the length that makes the style of the veil: the workmanship and details of the wedding veil are multiple and surely aim to express a message related to the personality of the woman wearing it, to give uniqueness, but also to emphasize different points of the body compared to others. Ultimately, the veil is the accessory that identifies us, which helps us to give an extra touch to even the simplest dress, that manages to bring out the best in us.

The short veil, a stylish choice for the fashion-conscious

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Among the short bridal veils, we distinguish some interesting varieties, Luisa Sposa has taken great care of the choice concerning the preference of the short veil and manages to satisfy the different needs of many brides, especially following the choice of very particular dresses. The short bridal veil highlights the face, underlines the most beautiful make-up, it is an element that can give a traditional image, but often also unexpectedly original. Sometimes the effect it can give is even memorable. Generally, we distinguish the following types of short veil:

  • petal veil, maximum 30 centimeters long, often covers the shoulders but can reach up to the chin at the front; it is very versatile and can be combined with many wedding dress models;
  • the Flyaway is 90 centimeters long, the combination that can be made with this veil and coordinated with hair styling is interesting;
  • the shawl wedding veil, the so-called Shoulder, which only covers the shoulders; it often features an embroidered and embellished hem (like mantilla wedding veils of various lengths);
  • the elbow-length veil, usually 130 centimeters long, is the most traditional and comfortable;
  • the waist-length bridal veil, known as Waist, about 140 centimeters long, is particularly chosen for its good adaptability to various types of dresses, especially if you prefers both flared and figure-hugging dress models;
  • the Fingertips veil, reaching up to the waist, is 180 centimeters long and is often layered with multiple veils.

Apart from these differences, Luisa Sposa reinterprets the originality of the short bridal veil with a solution that also culminates in an eccentric and sophisticated style, from face-covering veils to the refined mantillas. In this perspective, the veil also presents special attachments to hairstyles in a style that makes sophistication the guiding in which the brand’s identity is recognised. The images of the full bridal outfits are embellished thanks to the veils with a retro reinterpretation, evocative perceptions of fascinating netted veils. The heart of Luisa Sposa’s proposal is this: to re-propose even the elements that have historically been most impact in a new style that never ceases to amaze and prepare women’s eyes for new visions.

Long veil, the beauty inherent in sinuosity

velo sposa lungo

The a cappella wedding veil, also called Chapel veil, is the cascading type that exceeds our height, covering a narrow radius around the feet (Floor veil), or is limited to the length of the bridal dress. The beauty and charm of the long veil have never ceased to be a trend over the years and it is a type of bridal veil that has always animated the choice of many brides, often intimidated and doubtful about whether it can enhance their figure or not. It doesn’t involve much difficulty in movement and is still a veil that is easily wearable from in terms of weight. The dream of the long veil that mysteriously “veils”, pun intended, and creates surprise is a enduring desire that, between symbolism and high aesthetic value, easily connects to our ideal of what a total look wedding should truly be. The truth is that it will never be a wrong choice because it adapts well to both form-fitting and flared dresses and can be very simple, without taking anything away from its scenic nature, but also finely worked. Indeed, an embellished long veil is the ideal solution for those who do not like wearing too particular dresses as it is a catalyst for looks and interest for its sumptuousness and the attractive effect it can create in any outfit you combine it with. The long veil by Luisa Sposa knows no limits in this, among the high-impact proposals are enclosed the softest and most elegant veils but also those that create an immediately astonishing effect, with embroideries and details of great class.

Wedding veil “Church”, a unique image

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The Church wedding veil is characterized by its train, typically not exceeding three meters and its name derives from the fairy-tale image of the bride’s procession during the wedding march, followed by an extraordinary veil. It is a choice that surely completes an important dress preference even if it is much easier to match it differently than what is generally believed. The Church wedding veil can be perfectly coordinated with various types of dresses, narrow or flared, as long as the hem does not exceed that of the veil. Paired with mermaid dresses, it gives the best effect for all brides who love to give themselves a particular charm. Ideal for fashion victims who have always dreamed of its flowing and important effect, the trailing wedding veil is definitely ideal for a wedding dress that wants to be remembered. Often such veils are adorned with lace hems, laces, and even stone applications, the variability and preciousness of a train really adapts to different styles. And it is worth saying: often the choices that seem impossible for our sober personality actually hide a wide range of solutions that can unexpectedly satisfy our aesthetic taste, even if we had never minimally considered the possibility of choosing certain accessories.

Cathedral veil, an endless choice

Up to seven metres, the cathedral bridal veil is a particular choice, which can be made in relation to locations adequate for such importance, locations that allow wide movements in a day planned down to the smallest detail. The cathedral veil is a great impact that often remains the whim of personalities of royal houses or characters belonging to the world of entertainment. No veto on dreams, though: the cathedral wedding veil is a choice that, once various possibilities are established regarding the environments that will welcome us that day, is simply for those who have no limits and impediments. Breathtakingly, such a long veil has a huge impact on the overall and emotional vision: not only for its fabric, often luxurious, but also for the recourse of bridesmaids who support its edges, also greatly raising the level of perceived emotion. The cathedral veil is for a bride who is truly the queen of that day.

Advice for the wedding veil, the need for professionalism

Luisa Sposa offers highly specialized consultancy for the right combination of the wedding veil. It is essential to delve into this world with a guide boasting years of experience and passion for wedding fashion. Reinterpreting the times with the most current trends, but also with the intuition and years of work experience, Luisa Sposa for this season has focused a lot on the importance of the bridal veil. A choice that fills with questions that need to be dispelled step by step with tests, reassurances, and demonstrations in our ateliers, with qualified and regularly trained staff to offer the best experience and wisdom. It is about mastery and knowledge of fabrics and styles, culture in the field, and specific skills. For this new season, a wide range of proposals awaits you with a scope of novelty that have already set the trend. Any need must be investigated in various steps, from the welcome, to the idea, to the realization of what is truly a dream coming true.