Custom wedding dress: do you really know everything?

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Custom wedding dress: do you really know everything?

One of the most exciting moments in the preparation for a wedding is choosing the bridal gown, a moment often shared with the most important people in one’s life and that can often hide many pitfalls. What is the perfect dress for the style and location of the ceremony, but most importantly, for the bride’s physique? Can a dress fully reflect the personality and character of the person wearing it? The solution, in these cases, comes from custom-made wedding dresses.

Custom wedding dresses, what are they really about?

It’s important to make a clear distinction between two fundamental concepts that fall under the main idea of “custom-made,” necessary to understand what you’re buying when choosing: let’s not forget that the dress has not only an emotional value but also an economic one, so it’s right to thoroughly understand the various types of custom wedding dresses.

When you visit a bridal boutique and find the right dress, it can be the very piece you tried on at that moment, naturally altered sartorially according to the customer’s measurements. For example, if the dress is too long, it can be shortened, a few small details can be added, but the dress you will buy will be the one you tried on in the fitting room, i.e., the “sample” model.

In cases where the alterations needed are extensive, or the size differs from that of the dress tried on, the garment is ordered directly from the fashion house that produces the dress, making it “custom-made” specifically for the client who purchases it. It’s important to understand that both the sample dress and the custom-made dress have the same economic value. The sample dress is, in all respects, a garment made to be purchased and doesn’t exist solely for display purposes, as it is also purchased by the boutique that distributes it.

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There’s also the custom-made dress modified according to the bride’s taste or style preferences. In this case, we talk about a “modified” dress, made specifically for that client, a dress that has never been created before, that doesn’t exist in the fashion house’s collection because it has been significantly altered specifically for the bride who requested those specific changes.

Then there are also “modified sample” wedding dresses, which are variants requested by the boutique at the time of order, and therefore do not exist in the collection. For example, a skirt made of chiffon instead of silk Mikado to make the model more ethereal or sellable, long sleeves instead of three-quarter sleeves on the same model, a different petticoat from the one made for the collection. The goal of these modifications requested by the boutique is to make the dress more “sellable,” as tastes can also change depending on the locality or traditions where it is purchased.

The custom-tailored wedding dress: from sketch to creation

A bespoke, tailor-made wedding dress is carefully crafted not only to fit the bride’s measurements, paying attention to even the smallest detail, but also modified according to her tastes: this is the ultimate expression of the craftsmanship of a product, a concrete realization of the bride’s desires. She can follow step by step the creation of her dress, which is unique and possibly non-replicable because she can also request its exclusivity, meaning the model will not be included in the collection and will be hers alone. What are its characteristics?

  • uniqueness
  • use of exclusive materials and fabrics
  • possible mix & match of existing dresses
  • personalized consultation in the creative phase

Some examples of custom-tailored dresses

Do you like the bodice of one dress, want to add sleeves seen on another model, and the skirt from a third dress? It is possible to create a brand new dress with all these features. Do you like the silhouette of a dress you tried but want to change the lace, or choose a lighter silk or conversely a more substantial one? This too is a modification that can be made, like adding a ruffle, draping, or crystals to make the dress more luminous and glamorous. Love pockets for a touch of practicality in the dress where possible? This is also a detail you can request.

All these changes will modify the dress that will be made exclusively for you. Therefore, the price will be assessed based on the construction of the dress, the materials and fabrics chosen, as well as the hours of labor required for its creation: this is the pure craftsmanship you find in Luisa Sposa dresses.

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Of course, the selection will be assisted by the sales staff, who will also be able to advise you best based on your requests: very often a dress that has not yet been made, that is not tangible or tryable, is difficult to imagine; with the help of the atelier, it will be easier to visualize your choice and also understand if the imagined garment is perfect for your physique, for the style of the ceremony, and for your personality.

How to choose a tailor-made wedding dress.

What are the tips, then, for a perfect creation of a tailor-made wedding dress? The first tip is to rely on industry experts who can advise and help resolve any doubts and perplexities of each bride, ensuring she can be perfect.

Choosing a Luisa Sposa tailor-made wedding dress means wearing originality, tradition, and excellence. Every year, Luisa Sposa, with its collection of more than 100 dresses made in line with national and international trends, helps every bride, even the most indecisive, to take the big step, wearing the dress of her dreams with satisfaction.

Luisa Sposa allows every type of modification to the dresses in its collection, in this way the bride can resolve any indecision.

It is therefore necessary to rely on the experience of the sales sales outlets which, due to the extreme importance given to the choice of the dress, are carefully selected by Luisa Sposa before being recognized as official retailers.