Behind the scenes on the set of the bridal shooting ‘Simply Fairy Tale’, from Luisa Sposa’s new ‘Corallo’ collection

Behind the scenes on the set of the bridal shooting ‘Simply Fairy Tale’, from Luisa Sposa’s new ‘Corallo’ collection

In the wonderful setting of Villa Muti Bussi, in the heart of Tuscia, Luisa Sposa celebrates the beauty and launch of its new collection.

The topic, the storyboard

A young woman who wears Luisa Sposa creations with ease and natural elegance, running or walking along the paths and tree-lined avenues of Villa Muti Bussi, surrounded by lush trees in bloom. A bride who changes skin from the outside of the villa to the inside: at first romantic, almost naive, then sensual, glamorous and glittering once inside the location, along the frescoed halls and spacious 17th-century rooms.

The gowns gradually change style: the wide, vaporous organza and silk mikado skirts that accompany the bride’s gait give way to silhouettes that are leaner and less rigorous, but more modern, luminous, sensual. Mermaids embroidered with crystals, feathers and vertiginous necklines on the back or the front, embroideries creating patterns and crystal ramage on the back.

“Coral’ is a hymn and a tribute to today’s modern bride: a bride who does not want to give up her romantic character, therefore the choice of important fabrics, large volumes, but at the same time her dynamic and informal side. This is why many of the looks are transformable or proposed with accessories and elements to be combined in tandem such as capes, skirts, trousers, bows and detachable bodices.

The evolution of the tastes and needs of modern brides takes shape in the play of light and with the passing of seconds in the fashion film created for the launch of the collection.
A woman acquires more and more confidence, personality, character and movement: an almost cheeky style that leaves its mark and stands out from the crowd.

The Location

The wonderful Garden Gallery leads us, via the imposing staircase, to the Gallery on the piano nobile, the Dining Room and the Salottino; all the rooms of Villa Muti Bussi are adorned with 17th-century frescoes.

The park where the pictures of the new collection were set extends over more than a hectare: then a vast pine forest, an Italian-style garden and two beautiful avenues connect to the bridge from which you can have an exclusive view of the Villa.

Villa Bussi, in Viterbo, was a former destination for hunting purposes, built in its present structure on an earlier building probably dating back to the 16th century by architect Giuseppe Prada in 1737 on the Bel Sasso or Bel Poggio predio. The frescoes in the Gallery on the first floor were commissioned by Commendatore Papirio and depict their achievements.