Alba: the new 2022 collection by Luisa Sposa, soon in the best ateliers

Alba: the new 2022 collection by Luisa Sposa, soon in the best ateliers

A difficult year especially for the Wedding Industry, which does not give in to defeat and retains the desire to restart and return to normalcy. A year after the Lockdown that disrupted our lives, Luisa Lotti, designer and founder of Maison Luisa Sposa, rethinks and redesigns the traditional idea of the bride, offering once again a completely new inspiration: Alba.

Alba is born out of a period that questioned everything: our habits, our relationships, our ways of thinking and acting. That’s why it bears the name of a natural phenomenon that marks the beginning of something to rethink, to design and improve, and it returns always, every day, with the first light of the sun. This is how this collection was born: by taking what beauty the passage of time has offered me during this period, with the certainty that each day would bring inspiration and beauty to share.
These are the words of Luisa Lotti, the designer of the line for now 38 years.

A fresh and original image: the designer has always accustomed us to the concept of extreme customization of the dress, which must meet different tastes, needs, and contexts based on the character and physicality of the bride, as well as the type of ceremony that changes also according to the different countries of the world, the Maison has always addressed those abroad who increasingly appreciate the decisive and unique character of the made in Italy Luisa Sposa.

This year too, there’s a meticulous search for fabrics and laces never used before, but also for minimal or bolder lines in the style of the designer: a bride who wishes to showcase her femininity with elegance and grace. Finally, special attention to the play of light that fabrics, crystals, sequins can create without excess, thanks to the movement of the body dancing, moving towards the altar, proceeding elegantly: light as a source of life, but also as a whimsical desire for vanity.

The stylistic imprint remains that of the designer but with a renewed spirit. Accompanying the launch of the new collection is a unique work of artistic direction, which will be an essential contribution to the communication of the Luisa Sposa universe.

The new collection is already ready and available for the best ateliers in Italy and around the world.

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